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South Africa should remain a net exporter of corn in the 2021/22 MY on excess supplies. In the 2020/21 MY, South Africa should be able to increase corn exports by 40 percent to 3.5 million tons, after the production of a second consecutive bumper crop. Post forecasts an increase in the imports of wheat and wheaten products in the 2021/22 MY to 1.7 million tons due to an expected seven percent drop in wheat production. On the other hand, South Africa’s imports of wheat and wheaten products in the 2020/21 MY is expected to drop by 20 percent to 1.6 million tons on a sharp increase in local wheat production. In the 2021/22 MY, South Africa’s rice imports are expected to increase by one percent to 1.06 million tons on a marginal rise in demand. In the 2020/21 MY, Post estimates South Africa will import about 1.05 million tons of rice.

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