South Africa is the third largest exporter of canned fruits (apricots, pears, and peaches) globally, accounting for 16 percent of the market. About 85 percent of South African canned deciduous fruit is destined for the export market, and the remainder supplies the local market. Canned fruits in South Africa are processed by two companies; RTG and Langeberg & Ashton Foods (L&AF); a division of Tiger Brands. In 2020, Tiger Brands announced its intent to exit the deciduous canned fruit business. The possible closure of the L&AF has been a source of distress for the some 300 growers who supply the company with fruit for canning and uncertainty in the fruit industry as a whole. Tiger Brands has announced that is in the process of securing a buyer and has extended factory operation for the MY 2023/24 to allow a controlled exit. The United States is the top importer of South African canned peaches and pears.

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