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Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN)

FAS Pretoria provides summaries of the latest forecasts of the 11 countries it covers on production, supply, distribution and trade in agricultural products.

Citrus Semi-annual | Citrus | Pretoria | South Africa – Republic of

The production of South African citrus, mainly soft citrus, new orange varieties, lemons and limes is estimated to continue its strong growth in the 2020/21 Marketing Year (MY), based on the increase in area planted, improved yields, high level of new-plantings coming into full production, and the minimal impact of COVID-19 on labor and input supply. This increase is...

Grain and Feed Annual | Grain and Feed | Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s corn crop for the 2021/22 marketing year (MY) is estimated at 2.7 million tons, an increase of almost 200 percent from the 907,628 tons of corn produced in the 2020/21 MY. The 2021/22 MY corn crop will be Zimbabwe’s largest corn crop since the 1984/85 MY. A combination of expansion in area and favorable weather conditions contributed to...

The South African Dry Bean Industry | MISC-Commodity

South Africa’s production and imports of dry beans have been declining over the past decade in correlation with a decrease in consumption. Dry bean imports declined by more than 50 percent since 2010 with South Africa’s dry bean consumption stabilizing at around 60,000 tons per year. Dry bean production is relatively small and averaged around 65,000 tons over the...

South Africa Committed to Climate Change Interventions in the Agricultural Sector | Climate Change/Global Warming/Food Security

South Africa prioritized the reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases in the global fight against climate change. As a result, South Africa identified seven Climate Change Flagship Programs including the Agriculture, Food Systems and Food Security Flagship Program. The agriculture climate change program seeks to enhance agricultural productivity and climate resilience by decoupling agricultural growth from increase greenhouse...