About Us

The FAS office for Southern Africa is based in Pretoria, South Africa, at the United States Embassy. There are 3 American officers with 7 locally engaged staff in Pretoria, as well as 1 local employee at the U.S.  Embassy in Luanda and 1 in Maputo, for a total of 12 FAS employees. FAS Pretoria partners with governments and relevant entities to promote the adoption of trade-facilitating policies, science-based regulations, and improved methods for capturing statistical information for agriculture. FAS Pretoria regularly sponsors academics and officials for training through Borlaug and Cochran Fellowship Programs.

FAS Southern Africa Covers:

FAS Services

Trade Policy:

FAS maintains and expands access to foreign markets for U.S. agricultural products by removing trade barriers and enforcing U.S. rights under existing trade agreements.

Food Security:

FAS leads USDA's efforts to help developing countries improve their agricultural systems and build their trade capacity.

Market Development and Export Assistance:

FAS partners with 75 cooperator groups representing a cross-section of the U.S. food and agricultural industry and manages a toolkit of market development programs to help U.S. exporters develop and maintain markets for hundreds of products.

Data and Analysis:

FAS analysts provide objective intelligence on foreign conditions, prepare production forecast, assess export opportunities, and track changes in policies affecting U.S. agricultural exports and imports.